5 Points 4 Paws


Adoptable: Tipper

I'm four months old and want to come live with you!

  • Age: 4 months
  • Breed: Lab mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Date Impounded: 12/29
  • Ledger #: 34670

Tipper just blew us away today – he is an absolutely perfect puppy!  This is partly due to his happy, gentle nature, but we also suspect he has some great owners who have got him well on the road to great manners.  He trots on the leash like a champ and although he’s teething, he is pretty polite about it – no crocodile here!  Tipper is a solid, chunky guy so he’ll probably grow up to be pretty good sized (maybe 60lbs or so?) and no doubt he’ll be a barrel full of fun and love!

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Pet of the Week: TANK

I am only a puppy, but I can play with the big boys and girls. Mary Charles comes over on football game days to let me out. She even plays soccer with me!

Looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. Go Dawgs!


Adoptable Pet of the Week: Twinkie


Can I stay with you?4 months
ledger # 33205

Since there are fewer volunteers at the pound in the summer, the dogs don’t get walked as often as they need, so Twinkie was bouncing like a little rubber ball when we first got her out of her run.  She was ready for some fun!  She’s a charming, affectionate girl who isn’t afraid of being here and loves human visitors.  She looks like she’ll stay beagle sized – perfect for sleeping and cuddling on your lap. 


For specific information on the dogs featured, call the animal control office at 706-613-3540.



Pet of the Week: Bella

Hi! I'm Bella. If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain...I'm sassy and single and looking for a man in the Watkinsville area.

Ok, well maybe not, but I do love to be picked up and held while my two sisters walk. I sit down at the beginning of walks and the dog walker obliges me by picking me up while everyone else continues their walk. This being picked up so often is making me think I may be in love with my pet sitter. I look into his (Mike Sprayberry's) eyes and I know it's meant to be, our pet sitter to dog relationship, that is. He knows just what I want, which is usually to just sit and look pretty or be held while the others walk.

Mike, or one of the other Five Points Four Paws pet sitters comes to walk me and my two sisters twice a day. We really enjoy our walks even though its getting hot and I'm not sure if my hair will stand this humidity. However, no matter how my hair looks, if I have a bow or not, these pet sitters really show me love. Now that I've made pet of the week, I'm sure its love.

I'm always the last dog in the pack, which I prefer, so I can help the pet sitter keep an eye on my sisters, Gracie and CoCo.

I'm the beautiful pup in the back of the pack.Thanks to my family for the love and support that got me to be "Pet of the Week."




Doggy timeout video...

Watch Video Here

I watched this video tonight and it literally brought me to tears partly in laughter and the other me genuinely feeling sorry for this poor dog who knows he's going to timeout.

Please entertain yourself and see that your dogs aren't the only ones who do bad things...