5 Points 4 Paws


Pets of the Week: Violet and Rigs 

Walk! Walk! Walk! Walk! Walk! Frisbee! Ball! Fetch! Cookies! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Violet and Rigs exercise regularly. We have an appointment every Thursday for them to walk me, Mary Charles. They sometimes stop to sniff the side of the road, but usually they walk me very quickly and then after our walk, they give me this look pictured above. To me, this look says, "Come on! That's all you got? Let's play more! Do you have a frisbee hidden in your jacket? Cookies? Both? Come on, you human! Let's play more!"

When I started walking this pair of labs, Rigs was the new puppy in the family. The house veteran Violet had to show Rigs how everything was done. Violet is still showing Rigs how to catch a ball or frisbee in her mouth instead of having it awkwardly hit the tip of her nose and fall to the ground. It's a work in progress. They are both eager to have me over on Thursdays and I look forward to seeing them every week! See you guys in a few days!


Pet of the Week: Hunter

ZZZZZZ...zzzzzz...ZZZZZZ...Five Points Four Paws is proud to present our latest hard-living, hard-sleeping Pet of the Week: Hunter! Off-the-wall energy when awake, Hunter is a sleepy pup by bedtime. And nothing gets his attention like a simple treat from the freezer: ice! Thanks to mom (Carol) for letting us get to know Hunter lately!


We love these Dog Owner Tools!

humane, earth-friendly and owner-friendly...

We found a website that has some really great dog walking tools.

Among our favorites are:

1) The Gentle Leader. Collar. this is the only way I will walk a dog that pulls on the leash!

2) Mutt Mitt. Poo Duty. great because it fits around your hand (no accidentally touching poo and it is biodegradable!

3) Kong Frisbee. Play! Gentle, easy to throw and fetch... even if your dog is the most athletic or klutsy pooch, this frisbee is great for them all! It won't hurt teeth or noses if it hits them and it doesn't fly up in their eyes when they are running back to you. The perfect frisbee! If you accidentally throw your Kong frisbee into another human at the dog park, you will not draw blood or curse words.


For better or worse, we'll be there

What Love is all about....

It has been a treacherous few days here in Athens, but we our furry friends need to stretch their legs and do their business. Please don't hesitate to call Five Points Four Paws, Inc pet sitters if you are stuck at work and don't want to deal with the icy/ slushy roads. We'll put on our snow boots & gloves and take Fido out for a jaunt.


Pet of the Week: Rufus

"What are you looking at? At least I'm warm!"

Five Points Four Paws is proud to select Rufus as our newest Pet of the Week! A spirited little schnauzer living the good life in Athens, Rufus is an entertaining and energetic little fella to say the least! As Dad noted at our initial meeting, Rufus is not thrilled to wear his Gentle-Leader harness or his jacket, but once he gets out the door, he puts it all behind him. His little legs move quickly as he circles the neighborhood making sure everyone knows that this is HIS neighborhood and he just lets everyone else live in it. Thanks again to George and Margie for letting us take care of Rufus recently!