5 Points 4 Paws

Our Legal Policies

Disclosure for pet sitting services: Services will be performed in accordance with the instructions agreed upon in written contract. The client waives any claims against Five Points Four Paws unless Five Points Four Paws is negligent and does not perform as agreed per written contract.


If your pet is vaccinated, please have proof of vaccination available.

If your pet is not confined to the interior of the house during the duration of the pet sitting assignment, and is allowed to roam free (either in a fenced yard, as in the case of dogs, or unrestrained, as in the case of cats), Five Points Four Paws cannot be held liable for any injury that the pet may sustain at this time.  We will not be responsible for injury, death, or loss of pet if the pet should escape from the yard.

Full payment is expected prior to start of pet sitting services.  Payment can be made by cash, personal check, or PayPal. There is a $25 service fee for all returned checks.

PLEASE NOTE:  If prepayment is not made prior to start of any pet sitting assignment, a 10% surcharge will be added to the invoice for all services rendered prior to payment. 

If client returns earlier than designated, and does not inform the sitter within two hours of the scheduled visit, a $7 trip charge will be incurred by client.  Please call if you are returning early and you can receive a credit for the day.

Two sets of keys are to be presented at the time of the initial consultation. Both sets of keys will be kept on file in the Five Points Four Paws safe. Only when a scheduled visit is required will a pet sitter have access to one set of keys. The other set of keys will remain in the safe at all times in case of emergency. If a return trip is to be made by Five Points Four Paws to pick up keys not presented at time of the initial consultation, a $10 trip charge will be added to services.  Client may deliver keys to Five Points Four Paws at no charge. If keys are to be returned at the end of the pet sitting assignment, a $10 trip charge will apply (unless keys can be returned via snail mail - a $3 shipping charge will apply).  If keys are to be kept in our key safe, no additional charge will apply.

If other parties have access to pet owner's home at the same time as Five Points Four Paws pet sitters, neither Five Points Four Paws nor our pet sitters shall be held liable for damage that could result from another parties' negligence.

If there is more than one pet at client's home and an injury occurs to one pet as a result of interaction with the other, Five Points Four Paws cannot be held liable for injury unless client states prior to sitting service that pets cannot be contained together and must be kept separate.  It is the responsibility of the client to know when your pets are not compatible.  All aggression issues must be disclosed to sitter at time of initial consultation and noted in the contract.

In the event of an emergency, all veterinarian services will be paid by the client.  Client will also compensate Five Points Four Paws $30 for an emergency veterinarian visit (fee includes transportation).

Five Points Four Paws will not be held liable for any destruction or soiling of rugs, furniture, household goods, or any other owner-items, unless specifically instructed that pets are not to be allowed in areas where such destruction may occur (this requires inescapable crating).  Owner is responsible for knowing whether or not their pets are destructive or not housebroken.