5 Points 4 Paws


WOW, my Mom is the BEST!!!! She went out of town for a wedding last week and I was a little worried about who would take care of me. I’m a cat, you see, and cats don’t have masters. We have staff! I heard one of her friends recommended that she use a “pet sitting” business to check on me. Imagine! Leaving a special animal like me with a service!

Well, she called on Five Points Four Paws. Mike (the pet sitter) was just awesome! He came to me. And he gave me fresh water, plenty of food and even cleaned my litter box so it would be nice and fresh again. And unlike some of my Mom’s friends—the ones she used to stick me with when she went away--he stuck around and played with me and even let me sit in his lap while he petted me. It was like I was on vacation too!

The next time Mom went out of town she called on them again. This time, Mary Charles came over and she was just as awesome as Mike had been. I love my Mom but now I find myself hoping she’ll go away more often. Before, when she asked her friends to check on me, they would just walk in to see if I have food and then right back out the door. Not now. Now I get real attention and it is great.

Tell your parents to call Five Points Four Paws next time they need a sitter. You can thank me later!

This is Mom and I couldn’t be happier with the service I got from Five Points Four Paws. They were so professional during our consultation and put me completely at ease. This was my first time using a pet sitting business and you know how the first time can be! But they were great. They exceeded my expectations. They did everything they promised and more. It was worth every penny knowing that Milo was taken care of and being loved while I was away.

There’s just one thing though. He’s not nearly as happy to see me as he used to be when I get back home!